Vincent Sahar

Born on the eve of the Age of the BloodMoon, Vincent Sahar was an earth magi who studied at a small mage school in Saendahaar before graduating to the school of mages in Darkport. Later, he would become known as the face of demonic magic and freedom.

Early Life

Vincent Sahar was born on the eve of the Age of the BloodMoon to parents Joseph Sahar and Mileena Mundraev in the Garden District of Saendahaar. He spent his childhood years learning the ways of farming from his father, and spent his free time reading tales about various heroes and conquerers. His home life seemed completely normal with no emotional problems or family issues.


As soon as Vincent turned 11 years old, he joined the earth magi school Sungrhradi, named after the earth elemental Sungrh. He quickly became known as a kind, hard working man who was always eager to learn more about magic and space. After just four years studying there, he often impressed others with his skill and how fast he could cast spells. During this time, he spent his spare time building houses for the less fortunate and planting gardens. After 9 years of training at Sungrhradi, Vincent graduated and chose to move on to Darkport's School of Mages at age 20.

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